Saturday, 6 June 2009

Making the Most of Stuff . . .

My 'Other Half' is a great one for 'making the most of stuff' or in other words, bringing heaps of junk home! Wooden palettes have been used for a number of uses around the house such as garden fences, a garden bench (see the one with the beach balls in a previous post) and a 'den' for the boys - see below.

The 'den' is not a thing of beauty, in fact I would go so far as to say it's a bit of an eye-sore! But it's evolved over the years with a window added here, a mezanine level there, a floored roof so you can stand on it - and jump off it, of course. I think there's an old wheel attached to the wall inside to serve as a ship's wheel, so it has many functions for various imaginary games (and not for the faint-hearted!). Looks like I'm stuck with it for another few years!!

Sometimes we have a bit of a 'palette-overload', mostly ones which have deteriorated over the years - so they serve well to make a big bonfire, which is what is happening with the ones in the top pic - my 'other half's' task this afternoon. Not sure if this will stay unlit until 'bonfire-night' but it made a good furnace last year anyhow!

Nice and sunny today to be scrabbling about outside but it was a bit too cold for me so I decided just to document it and run back inside again! I had hoped to be doing some work on these 'aperture' cards - a simple idea for selling at the craft fair. More assembly than craft, but the tweed looks lovely poking out of the pre-cut shapes! The baby-grow or 'onesie' on the right is the only one I've done, but I like the simplicity of it.

However, I ended up packing 'Big S's' bag for his school trip next week - his first time away from home - Aaaaargh!! Hope he manages without his guitar, mountain of snacks, TV, music system and er .... um, his Mum!! Ooops! We won't know what has hit us without the strain of his electric guitar through the house - well it's only 4 nights!

Bye for Now!


Jennifer Rose said...

hubbys dad is always coming home with pallets lol but he too makes a lot of stuff out of them. Our shed was made out of the pallets and is better then what you would buy from the stores and its recycling :D (the thing weighs a ton though, not going to blow down in the wind and it would be funny to see someone try to steal it :p)

The tweed does look really nice on the card :) looks like it gives a nice texture to it.

theothermousie said...

I believe your 'other half' is upcycling - my dear!!!! It's a bit trendier than recycling - LOL! So I'm told anyway...

Like the ideas with the cards too - would love to see the dragonfly one when it's finished xx

Muddlepud said...

I like the card idea. What a nice way to incorporate your tweed into paper craft. I'll look forward to seeing more!