Thursday, 25 March 2010

Colours of Nature

I got a sudden urge to go out to the garden this morning and take a couple of snaps - perhaps I'll use them for inspiration at some point! My garden needs a good overhaul but I'm afraid it's been sadly neglected for some time - our exposed location means it's at the mercy of the elements. These days I find myself drawn more to wild flowers, rather than cultivated ones (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, hehe!)

Last day of school for my boys tomorrow before they finish for their Easter break - I think we're all looking forward to it! No more sorting school clothes, gym kits, etc. for two whole weeks - hurray!


janet said...

Love your little Lemon drops!

june at noon said...

So nice to see some color! I'm a big fan of wildflowers, too.

florcita said...

Isn't it pretty when flowers start to show up.... aaaah winter is over (hopefully!).

Biba said...

Wild flowers are the prettiest, aren't they?

Your exclamation at the end took me down the memory lane - I used to spend my summers during the university years in the south of England, staying with the same family for nearly ten years in a row - as their au-pair - and Netta, the lady of the house, kept saying that (the 'sticking to my excuse' bit); she's a very nice and easy-going person. Unfortunately we haven't seen each other for a long time now but I think about the family a lot and your comment really brought back some lovely memories!

I know what you mean by looking forward to Easter break - we'll have to wait for another month but I can't wait; it's a hard job, being a taxi driver!