Saturday, 6 March 2010

Mystery Design

'Dreich' weather here today - drizzly, damp, pretty yukky! Good day for crafting though :)

. . . some of the lovely tweed I've been working with this week (well, I'm just about to dig into the herringbone one in the foreground - it's a beauty!)

. . . and the mystery 'grown up' project (not a ball of toy stuffing in sight!!):

. . . a Harris Tweed sleeve for a Macbook - which I made to a customer's request this week. She asked whether I could make a sleeve similar to the ones I make for phones/i-phones but much bigger ie. for a Macbook. Well, I thought, why not? It's a really simple design, with the tweed itself being the 'star of the show' - but I'm really pleased how it turned out. It looks like a very elegant tweed envelope!

You can see more pics of it on my website here, where I've added it as a custom order, and also on Etsy here where it is also listed as a 'Made to Order' item. Harris Tweed woven labels are a little like 'gold dust' around here, but I've decided to use mine with this product. This tweed is so beautiful, it deserves to show off it's lofty origins!

On the ladybird 'softie' kit - initial feedback is looking good! More on that next week :)

Off to look at that lovely herringbone tweed, before I finally slice into it!!

Cheerio an Drasda :)


janet said...

They will be proud to carry it..stunning!

june at noon said...

Very nicely done, a great idea. I love that herringbone, too.

Three Bs said...

That herringbone is so lovely. I'm thinking that my laptop would love a tweed cover - especially if made from that herringbone!! Maybe I better wait til I get a new laptop given the current one looks like it only has a short life span left. A tweed laptop sleeve is definately going on the coverting list!!

Biba said...

Oh, Alison, this is gorgeous! What a fabulous idea! Should I ever need a laptop sleeve I'll definitely contact you! And I wouldn't mind having one of those herringbone ones...
I'm really looking forward to my ladybird kit & pin cushion!!! Can't wait!

Thanks again!

日月神教-向左使 said...