Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Very Old Work!

For the last two months my old Art School Portfolio has been leaning against a wall in my kitchen, after retrieving it from storage just after Christmas. I just can't decide where to put it yet! It's now over 25 years old - you can do the Maths! The folio gave me my entry into an Art college in Aberdeen, where I was thoroughly miserable for a year and a half! I just didn't settle in, and never found a medium I was happy with, but mostly I think I was feeling like a fish out of water and absolutely nothing inspired me during my time there.

The drawing on top in the above pic is an etching I did while in Art College (I decided to specialise in 'printmaking' - heaven knows why!). Here's a close up of it:

My elder sister (who happened to be in Aberdeen at the same time) and I had a laugh about the etching, as it's the only piece of artwork I have, after spending a year and a half there. A scribbly little etching of a cat playing with a mouse! It must have some significance of how thoroughly miserable I was! But I like the etching anyway :)

I quite like the colours in the 'still-life' paintings in the background (these were part of my portfolio work done in school). This was a much happier time and we had a nice little group of us working together on our Portfolios - I loved assembling the still-life compositions and really enjoyed painting them. I can sill remember the objects I chose, clear as a bell!

Sorry, this is a very 'Me Me!' post, but I was reminded of Art School days when I read Marion's new blog, all about her own embroidery work (she also happens to run a very busy successful crafts business). It's nice to get back to your artistic roots or creative goals, especially if you have put these on hold while bringing up a family. So the moral of MY story is . . . even if you completely 'f . . k up' your college years, you can always pick up the pieces later!! (sorry for very bad language!)

Cheerio an Drasda!

P.S. My 'green' from yesterday was one of my little dinos which you can see here :)


janet said...

I love your little cat & mouse!

Marion said...

Hey..thank you for the name check! And if what I'm trying to do inspires you to revisit your roots, then it's worthwhile already!
Sorry you didn't enjoy your time at college. I sometimes think art college is wasted on 18 year olds - 40 year olds would get much more out of it. But you don't need college to inspire you - just get your pencil and pad out and away you go.

Tweed Delights said...

Think I am more inspired by Harris Tweed these days Marion, but I use my drawing skills to design my 'softies'/soft sculptures, so it all came good in the end :)! I still like to pick up my pencil from time to time too though :D

june at noon said...

I see a lot of talent there. It's always interesting to see how that transitions over time, how your creative talents are being put to use now. Thanks for sharing!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Oh Alison, I did exactly the same!! In Aberdeen too!! I lasted till the end of third year but was so miserable. I wanted to do ceramics but the course changed the year i chose it and it became 3D design and I hated it. I'm such a hands on girl, I like to work with the materials and be inspired as I go rather than designing till the last on paper. I still love working with clay but have got right into textiles and felting now. Funny it goes eh.
My social life in Aberdeen didn't help matters either. I think my flat mates and I were out 5 nights a week!

日月神教-向左使 said...