Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Tale of Two Aprons - Part One

Yesterday I received a lovely package in the mail from Janet. This was especially nice as I wasn't feeling very energetic and needed a little boost to my day! There's a bit of a story behind this package, as it's the first of two purchases I'm expecting to receive. Here's the lovely wrapping:

. . . and the lovely item inside which is a 'crafting' apron - such a cool idea, especially for someone like me who unfortunately doesn't have a dedicated workroom (yet!!) and is always mislaying things like scissors, thread, pens, as I drift about the house, creating my tweedie wares! This is just the job :)

It has lots of pockets and nifty loops for stashing all your crafty tools - why should carpenters and joiners have all the fun of wearing tool belts - this is the fun and feminine version for crafty ladies . . . and I love it!! I will post a pic of me wearing the apron soon - I didn't feel quite up to it yesterday (still recovering from Saturday's 'excess' - I'm getting too old to party!!)

I will be receiving a second 'craft' apron from Janet soon - fingers crossed! I'll finish my little tale of 'two' aprons then :)

P.S. Mr Froggie Kit is coming along, with instructions all typed up - I will hopefully be making a little stock of these soon for my Etsy shops and my 'Blog Shop', perhaps during my Easter break which will be starting this weekend (I'll post details of my online shop 'vacation modes' in the next few days)

Bye for Now!

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janet said...

My...that apron looks familiar ;-) So happy it arrived so quickly. You will be so craft stylish at your next show!